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Stopped for a DWI? Know Your Rights

If you are stopped in your vehicle and suspected of a drunk driving offense, it is critical to know your rights at every step of the process. First and foremost, the most critical rights you have -- of which most people driving in Wake County are unaware -- is that you are not required to blow into a portable breathalyzer unit and you are not required to perform any field sobriety tests whatsoever. If you are asked to count backwards, recite the alphabet, walk a line, stand on one foot, follow a pen with your eyes, or blow into a portable breathalyzer, you may simply say "I'd prefer not to."

Refusing these tests -- which are designed to produce evidence of your impairment or intoxication -- may be the difference between a DWI on your record, and a dismissal or a not guilty if your case goes to trial. For more information, visit our resource on DWI Rights in NC.

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